vinyl time: Type O Negative – October Rust (1996)

vinyl time:

Type O Negative – October Rust (1996)

Mit Type O Negative verbinde ich vor allem sexuelle Erinnerungen. Auch wenn es lyrisch nicht passt, gab es doch ein regelmäßiges „Stelldichein“ zum Album Bloody Kisses. Peter Steele hat uns mit seiner Band mit wunderschönen Liedern und lyrischen Texten beglückt.

October Rust bietet einiger dieser Perlen.


October Rust is the fourth studio album by Type O Negative. It was released in 1996. This is the first album with Johnny Kelly credited as the band’s drummer, although programmed drums are used on the album. October Rust has more ballads and less of the doom metal sound of previous or subsequent albums. It also features a very heavy cover of Neil Young’s „Cinnamon Girl„.

It is the first of the band’s albums with a „joke intro“; in this case, „Bad Ground“, which is 38 seconds of low-level buzzing, meant to sound as if one or more audio leads is incorrectly plugged into the input jacks of an amplifier. Tracks 2 and 15 are humorous untitled spoken word intros and outros to the album, respectively, with the band downplaying the recording of the album. Another production technique employed on the album is the use of very abrupt endings and segues to a few of the songs, heard on the tracks „Green Man“, „Red Water“, and „Haunted“. (…)

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