Clip (englisch): Der Krieg um Wasser in Israel

Der Krieg um Wasser in Israel

In a region where water is scarce, the Arab states make every effort to prevent Israel’s use of natural resources, resulting in hostilities and paving the way for the 1967 War.

This video was produced for Lesson 6 of Survival of a Nation, a course by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.

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Fascinating look into the little known history of the events that led to the 6 day war

The nascent State of Israel in 1948 needed a steady supply of water for drinking and irrigation and thus, the National Water Carrier Project was launched.

The plan was to connect the country via pipelines to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in Israel’s north. Two main rivers supply the Kinneret with its freshwater: the Hasbani River in Lebanon and the Banias River in Syria.

When Israel began construction in 1953, neighboring Arab countries, having failed to destroy Israel in 1948, saw a chance to severely limit Israel’s growth and slowly choke the country to death by denying it fresh water. (…)

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